Temecula, the "Silver Slipper" of Southern California   
    Temecula Winery's  

Alex's Red Barn Winery

Phone: 951.693.3201        Website: www.redbarnwine.com

Hours: We are open every SATURDAY
Summer hours: 11 am to 6 pm
Winter hours: 10 am to 5 pm

Akash Winery & Vineyards

Phone: 951.888.1393        Website: https://www.akashwinery.com/

Hours: Monday - Friday 11 am - 5 pm
Sat & Sun 11 am - 6 pm
(By Appointment Only)

Avensole Vineyard & Winery

Phone: 951.252.2003        Website: http://www.avensolewinery.com

Hours: Monday - Thursday   11AM-5PM
Friday - Saturday   11AM-9PM
Sunday   11AM-6PM

Baily Vineyard & Winery

Phone: 951.676.9463        Website: www.bailywinery.com

Hours: Monday - Friday   11AM-5PM
Saturday   10AM-5PM
Sunday   11A-5PM

Bella Vista Winery

Phone: 951.676.5250        Website: www.bellavistawinery.com

Hours: Monday - Sunday   10AM-5PM

Bel Vino Winery

Phone: 951.676.6414        Website: www.belvinowinery.com

Hours: Monday - Sunday   10AM-5PM

Bottaia Winery

Phone: 951.365.3388        Website: www.bottaiawinery.com/

Hours: WED - SUN   12PM - 7PM

Briar Rose Vineyards

Phone: 951.308.1098        Website: www.briarrosewinery.com

Hours: Monday  11AM-5PM
Tuesday   Closed
Wednesday  Closed
Thursday - Sunday   11AM-5PM

Callaway Vineyard & Winery

Phone: 951.676.4001        Website: www.callawaywinery.com

Hours: Monday - Sunday    10:30AM-6PM

Carter Estate

Phone: 844.851.2138        Website: carterestatewinery.com

Hours: Monday - Sunday   10AM-5PM

Chapin Family Vineyards

Phone: 951.506.2935    Website: www.chapinfamilyvineyards.com

Hours: Monday - Sunday   10AM-5PM

Churon Winery

Phone: 951.491.0825        Website: www.innatchuronwinery.com/churonwp/

Hours: Saturday:   10am - 5pm
Sunday - Friday:   10am - 4:30pm

Cougar Vineyard & Winery

Phone: 951.491.0825        Website: www.cougarvineyards.com

Hours: Monday - Sunday   11AM-6PM

Danza del Sol Winery

Phone: 951.302.6363        Website: www.danzadelsolwinery.com

Hours: Monday - Sunday   11AM-6PM

Doffo Vineyard & Winery

Phone: 951.676.6989        Website: www.doffowines.com

Hours: Monday - Thursday 11AM-5PM
Friday 11AM-6PM
Saturday 10AM-6PM
Sunday - Closed

Europa Village

Phone: 951.506.1818        Website: www.europavillage.com

Hours: Monday - Sunday   10AM-5PM

Falkner Winery

Phone: 951.676.8231        Website: www.falknerwinery.com

Hours: Monday - Sunday   10AM-5PM

Fazeli Cellars

Phone: 951.303.3366        Website: www.fazelicellars.com

Hours: Monday - Sunday   11AM-6PM

Foot Path Winery

Phone: 951-265-9951        Website: www.footpathwinery.com

Hours: Monday - Sunday   11AM-6PM

Frangipani Estate Winery

Phone: 951.699.8845        Website: www.frangipaniwinery.com

Hours: Monday - Thursday   11AM-6PM
Friday - 11AM-9PM
Sunday - 11AM-6PM

Gershon Bachus Vintners

Phone: 951.693.9151        Website: www.gershonbachus.com

Hours: Monday - Wednesday   12AM-6PM
Thursday   12-7PM
Friday - Saturday   12AM-6PM
Saturday   11AM-6PM
Sunday    12AM-7PM

Hart Winery

Phone: 951.676.6300        Website: www.vinhart.com

Hours: Monday - Thursday   11AM-6PM
Friday - 11AM-9PM Sunday - 11AM-6PM

Keyways Vineyard

Phone: 951.302.7888

Hours: Closed Monday-Thursday Closed
Friday 11AM-6PM
Saturday 11AM-6PM
Sunday 11AM-6PM

Leoness Cellars/Stage Ranch

Phone: 951.302.7601        Website: www.leonesscellars.com

Hours: Monday - Thursday 11AM-5PM
Friday - Saturday 11AM-8PM
Sunday - 11AM-5PM

Lorimar Winery

Phone: 951.694.6699        Website: www.lorimarwinery.com/

Hours: Monday - Thursday   11AM-5PM
Friday - Sunday   11AM-9PM
Sunday -   11AM-5PM

Lumiere Vineyard

Phone: 951.972.0585        Website: www.lumierewinery.com

Hours: Monday   11AM-6PM
Tuesday - Wednesday  Closed
Thursday - Sunday -   11AM-6PM

Masia de la Vinya

Phone: 951.303.3860        Website: www.masiadelavinya.com

Hours: DAILY 11AM - 5PM
(Closed Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day)
Last Call: 4:45 pm Daily

Maurice Car'rie Vineyard

Phone: 951.676.1711    Website: www.mauricecarriewinery.com

Hours: DAILY 11AM - 5PM
(Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day

Miramonte Winery

Phone: 951.506.5500        Website: www.miramontewinery.com

Hours: Monday - Wednesday   11AM-6PM
Friday - Saturday  11AM-10:00PM
Thursday & Sunday -   11AM-8:30PM

Monte De Oro Winery

Phone: 951.491.6551        Website: www.montedeoro.com

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10AM-5PM

Mount Palomar Winery

Phone: 951.676.5047        Website: www.mountpalomarwinery.com

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10AM-6PM

Oak Mountain Vineyards

Phone: 951.676.5047        Website: www.oakmountainwinery.com

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10AM-6PM

Palumbo Family Vineyard

Phone: 951.676.7900        Website: www.palumbofamilyvineyards.com

Hours: Monday - Saturday 11AM-5PM

Peltzer Family Cellars

Phone: 951.888.2008    Website: www.peltzerwinery.com

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10AM-5PM

Ponte Family Estate Winery

Phone: 951.694.8855        Website: www.pontewinery.com

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10AM-5PM

Robert Renzoni Vineyards

Phone: 951.302.8466        Website: www.robertrenzonivineyards.com

Hours: Monday - Saturday 11AM-6PM

South Coast Winery Resort & Spa

Phone: 951.566.4622    Website: www.southcoastwinery.com

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10AM-6PM

Thornton Winery

Phone: 951.699.0099        Website: www.thorntonwine.com

Hours: Monday - Thursday   10AM-7PM
Friday - Saturday   10AM-9PM
Sunday    10AM-7PM

Vindemia Vineyard & Winery

Phone: 951.760.9334        Website: www.www.vindemia.com

Hours: Monday - Saturday 11AM-5PM

Wiens Family Cellars

Phone: 951.694.9892        Website: www.wienscellars.com

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:30AM-6PM

Wilson Creek Winery

Phone: 951.699.9463        Website: www.wilsoncreekwinery.com

Hours: Monday - Sunday 10AM-5PM

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