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The Right Stuff

Using our SMS communication tools for
updates, notifications, scheduling, and more.

Have customers rate your products, know their
favorite's Offer digital coupons to insure their return.

Adding, managing, editing, updating your wine, beer, spirit, or any
scoreboard products you wont customers to rate. It's easy peasy!

Your business will be listed in our mobile app.
Our app is rapidly gaining users month over month.

Our mobile club gives you the opportunity to add offers and mobile
coupons within our mobile app that helps drive traffic to your business.

Collect customers emails when your scoreboard is
used. Download the captured emails in a XLS file format.

Use SMS, MMS, for event marketing, customer updates,
announcements, age verification, drip messages, and more.

Text 2 Win, Text 2 Vote, Text Polling, builds excitement that
engages customers. It's fun. That's what customers want, fun!

Our widget & QR Code creator is designed to fit the theme
and style of your website. Copy & paste code into your web page.

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