How ANNCO Mobile Club Works

1.) To redeem Mobile Club deals and offers you will need to use your mobile phone. There is no need to download or install a mobile app. Simply go to (WWW.ANNCO.COM) using your mobile phone browser. Our system will detect that you are using a mobile phone and deliver our mobile content.

2.) Your "ANNCO Club Membership" will be valid for 90 days from the date of validation. You may redeem all deals, coupons or special offers in one day if desired. You may only redeem 1 deals, coupons or special Offer per day per particapating business. You may return the next day and redeem a deals, coupons or special offer at that same business. You may redeem offers for 90 days from the date of validation. Once the the 90 days has expired your "Club Membership" will need to be renewed. After renewal your "Club Membership" will be valid for an additional 90 days.

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